Feb 20th – 26th weekly recap

What’s up sharkies?

Let’s recap the week Feb 20th – 26th

First half of the week has been quiet: the team was working really hard behind the scenes to fix the errors on the meta and finish the re-rank. We handed over everything to the WoV team on Friday: re-rank is live already, updated meta will be live by the beginning of next week as it is quite a slow process.

We are happy with the final result and the way we are communicating with you guys every step of the way (somebody is learning from their past errors!). One last time, thank you all for participating to the burning event and thank you for your patience during the “boring” part of the process; as promised, we tried our best to make it as quick as possible, even thought we’re humans and sometimes things end up being more complicated than we think. This officially closes the burn chapter… now onto new and greater things!

While all of this was happening, our artist delivered two amazing customs!

@jules121 finally got his whale custom: AlpiShark https://worldofv.art/token/0x5E6265680087520DC022d75f4C45F9CCD712BA97/477600100800000

@Connoisseur finally got his custom gained with the special trait: The Punisher of Megalodon https://worldofv.art/token/0x5E6265680087520DC022d75f4C45F9CCD712BA97/477600100900000

@Genesis2021,@BBFP and @Al007 customs are coming soon!

Congrats to @pjsprov1x and @Craster for holding on to your sweeper roles! New sweeper @jules121 and welcome to the fam @Hawaiian_Crypto_King… what a good way to become part of the family by sweeping the floor and getting cashback and some cool rewards! Sweeper rewards are always available: sweep the floor and DM me or the guys to claim it and the benefits that come along!

We played gartic on Thursday! It was fun like usual but the team wants to play new games… that’s why we are going to implement new bots games and test them starting from today! Lastest one to be introduced is @GamesRob which offers 1 vs 1 games and a couple gruop games. We thought it could be fun to give you guys an opportunity to play 1 vs 1 games while spending some time on the reef when you’re bored. Have fun here #1vs1 channel; I’ve pinned instructions with a list of the available games and how to command the bot. Last game of the week is HANGMAN!

Weekend is all about the creation of the Shark Vault! As you guys know, 100,000 VET coming from the burning fee are going to be invested to create a vault that will generate passive income. Team wanted to invest in both marketplace but we wanted to let you guys choose in what %. So, we opened a poll that ended Saturday at midnight UTC and final result states that we will invest 25% in WoV and 75% in VeSea to both earn $WOVS and $VSEA. Moreover, our investment in Tradeztown will add to the pot some passive income in $VET.

This morning we just bought 12 Genesis cards (shoutout to our whale @Genesis2021 for offering us a great deal!) and once the soft lock period is over we will move the 5MVA from the SG wallet to the Shark Vault wallet. Plus, we already placed some offers on VeSea so hopefully by next week the vault will be completed. I believe it’s a great great start! We will keep adding more and more to the vault at times goes by. Check #updates in the vault section to stay updated!

What to expect from next week? Easssyyyyy… FEATURES NFTS!!! Airdrop will happen on Monday (time tba) and you guys can start submitting tickets once we have airdropped all of them (1,500). Tickets will be submitted in the #burn-ticket channel – I’ll pin instructions on how to write the ticket.

That’s it for this week. As always my DMs and the guys’ are always open for any kind of questions 🙂 See you next week!

Much love, Ariel 💖

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