Feb 27th – Mar 5th weekly recap

What’s up sharkies?

Let’s recap the week Feb 27th – Mar 5th aka FEATURES NTF WEEK!

Quick flashback to when we announced the utilities behind the burn: we had announced that every holder who participated in the burn would receive 3 Features NFTs every 3 sharks burned; 3 matches (shark + feature) will guarantee the holder a free NFT from next collection. However, when burn was over we had over 1,500 Features NFT ready to be sent; we were also very grateful to have burned 1,500 sharks in three days and wanted to give back to those who made it happen even with a small transaction… so, we ended up airdropping them 1 to 1 – meaning that even those who burned just 1 shark got 1 Features NFT.

Airdrop of the Features NFT was supposed to happen on Monday but, as we wrote in the announcement, the team had a really exhausting day and post-poned it to Tuesday. We apologize once again for the delay and we want to thank you all for waiting patiently without accusing us or complaining. We really appreciate it and it shows once again the strong bond we have created!

Airdrop ended successfully on Tuesday and #airdrop-ticket channel was opened with instructions on how to write a ticket and a list of Features with rarity. However, you guys were allowed to submit tickets starting from Friday, so you had time to sell, trade and buy. Keep the market deals going and try to match as much as possibile!!! The ticket channel will stay open for a while so you will all have time to submit tickets.

I also wanted to clarify that sharks and features can be submitted only once; you can sell it before submitting if you are not going to use that feature, but if you do use it, please keep it in your wallets until further notice so the team can approve the ticket and make sure that rules have been followed. If you need help writing down your ticket, me @Craster @Casper and @loco are always available 🙂

Before I move on to whatever happened this week, let’s take a second to appreciate @Casper’s generosity in handing out for free all of his double Features NFT to those who recently bought a shark for the pairing!!! You’re the GOAT, sharks really appreciate it ❤️

Also, we did a flash raffle to win 1 shark for those who submitted tickets from the opening of the channel til midnight UTC of the same day… winner is @jules121 congrats!

Meanwhile the #kill-the-routine channel was giving out amazing updates on the team’s working life (except my food pics and @Craster aka party animal club videos). As you all know, the guys run a company that does digital marketing; they attended an expo and showed our sharks that received so much love and attention! Also, we found some connections for exciting things that will happen in the future👀 We invite all of you to join us on that channel and post small pieces of your day!

As the guys weren’t in the office, only @Genesis2021 custom was minted: Snoop Shark. Have a look at it here: https://worldofv.art/token/0x5E6265680087520DC022d75f4C45F9CCD712BA97/477600101000000

Shark Vault is becoming bigger and bigger! Before I recap, let me throw a flower to my ride or die @Craster working really hard to make deals to make the vault bigger and bigger! As previously mentioned, we moved the 5 MVA from Shark Gang main wallet to the vault one and added:
– 1 VeKing Raider – it costed us 25,000 $VET and will generate 1,25 $VSEA a day, meaning 38,75 $VSEA a month!
– 3 VeKings – they costed us around 20,000 $VET and they will generate 0,25 $VSEA a day per each, meaning 23,25 $VSEA a month!
– we are currently working of getting some Smuzzies and we are looking foward to TradezTown mint on Mar 12th!

We are excited to announce that Mino Mob’s new collection will include a sharks-inspired trait called “beware of the sharks”! Total of traits: 30 Benefits: enter a raffle to win a Shark! (10 sponsored by SG)

Last but not least, games! We held 3rd edition of girls’s night on the reef together with my dear @LadyFanny… this week theme was kitchen utensils and don’t even make me mention how fun it was as she’s the only one who knows those stuff (chef @psychobillyforlife was knockout out by @LadyFanny) lol We will organise a poker game tonight or tomorrow! Be ready, shark poker never disappoints!

What to expect from next week? Hopefully we will add more to the vault and deliver the rest of the customs. Keep the buy/trade/sell going, keep pairing and submitting those tickets as the chanell will stay open at least til the end of next week!

That’s it for this week! Before I shut this down, congrats once again @Craster on becoming a whale! 🐋

Much love, Ariel 💖

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