Feb 6th – 12th weekly recap aka burn week

What’s up sharkies?

Let’s recap the week Feb 6th – 12 th

Double airdrop for our poker players! Poker Shark: Ace of Diamonds and Poker Shark: Ace of Spades have been sent! https://worldofv.art/token/0x5E6265680087520DC022d75f4C45F9CCD712BA97/477600500400000 & https://worldofv.art/token/0x5E6265680087520DC022d75f4C45F9CCD712BA97/477600500500000

Some community members had been telling me we were not active enough on twitter and offered their support to tweet about what’s happening on the reef. So, on Tuesday I opened the #twitter-raid channel in which everybody can post their tweets about sharks and it’s easier to retweet them in order to get more visibility. I also created the @Reef Raider role; I became one myself lol Shoot us a DM if you want it as well. Mission of the week was to raid twitter by using the Burning Event banner. Top raider is @Casper; thank you for your hard work, you won 1 Shark!

Our dear @Craster – who’s now close to becoming a whale – did another giveaway! Congrats @Nft00

Half way through the week, all the holders of the Shark Gang x Stoner Punks trait (check the #collabs channel on discord to see more) have received the multiple edition of the illustrated collab piece. It’s been a pleasure to collab with such an amazing team and extra talented artist @Stoner. To many more in the future!

Poker league has finally come to and end.

But let’s recap #4 match first. I’d love to give a shoutout to @73ArtClub which donated a unique piece of his work (check his profile here: https://worldofv.art/profile/ArtClub) and the MVA team that reached out and donated a Phoenix. Thank you guys so much!

Congrats winners!!! @WhiteWizz777, @GlorySeeker89, @Est

Poker league final score was the result of the points gained by the top 10 players of each match. Here’s the final leaderboard:

  • Est: 27 points
  • Pokeyforlife: 24 points
  • MvA Casper: 22 points
  • Pez: 20 points
  • Whitegooner: 19 points
  • Simoskate94: 16 points
  • iKemanAV: 15 points
  • Illbeadonkey: 13 points
  • D3ath_Sp4wn_8x: 11 points
  • WhiteWiz777: 10 points
  • GlorySeeker89: 9 points
  • Craster: 9 points
  • ViiNrOcK: 7 points
  • Cryptomaniac: 4 points
  • El loco: 3 points
  • Kiroshi_0ptics: 1 point
  • Potter: 1 point
  • Adrizzy: 1 point

Huge congrats to our three winners: @Est who won 1 custom + 1000 VET, @BillyShark_KingLovesBoobiez who won 1 Shark + 1000 VET and @Casper who won 1 Shark + 750 VET.

Thank you all for participating! It has been a pleasure hosting this, we will surely do this again!

During mint we have announced that the 8 ICONS holders will receive the matching animation. It took us a while – we know lol – but we almost finished all of them and soon we’ll send those to their rightful owners. We have posted already Jinbe ICON animation and Dragon Shenron ICON animation. Check them out on twitter or discord.

The day before the burn we had 7 – yes, I said 7! – sweepers in less than 24 hours. Sweeper role is one of the utilities of the project that basically gives benefits to those that buy 3 sharks at floor price within 24 hours; among those benefits, there’s 10% cashback, 1 mystery box, @Sweeper Warrior role and secret chat. We had introduced this in the past through an announcement but it got lost so I opened the #sweeper channel and gave out a list of the active sweepers:

  • @White777
  • @yazid
  • @Craster
  • @Incognegus
  • @GlorySeeker89
  • @BBFP
  • @pjsprov1x

Thank you all for cleaning that floor; thanks to you, we were on the top 10 sell chart on WoV!

Weekend is all about the burn!!!

The event started on Friday at 4 pm UTC and by the first two hours we had burned 500 already and by the end of the day we had reached the half mark. As far as now, we have reached the 1,000 burned as well and there are a couple hundreds left. Great great result for the Shark Gang… not only community really showed up as we were expecting, but did way more!!! Thank you all for participating!!!

I’d love to clarify something quick. Ever since we started adv for the burning event, we have said that 4 ICONs we still unminted, together with the 3 Custom traits. Fast forward to burn day, ICONs were weirdly very well hidden as the first one didn’t come out until we reached more than a half burned, bringing up some worrying sentiment by the community. So, I decided to make an announcement to reassure everybody; it was just a few words, so I’ll use this occasion to elaborate more. When the community chose to burn 1,500 through poll, a small amount of sharks was set aside (considering that the total amount of unminted ones was 2,222); since they were still unminted, during burn – which is random as everybody knows – ICONs could have been either in the 1,500 burn supply or in the small remaining stack… 4 ICONs could have been minted all 4 in a row during the first hour or not minted at all. The announcement was meant to reassure everybody that the team couldn’t have forced ICONs to come out, nor control the mint as it was a continuation of the first smart contract we signed; our power stays in solving this in the most fair way possible: if by the end of the burning event the 2 ICONs remaining are not out, we will mint them separately and raffle them to the burn participants only. To be even more fair and make your burn worth it – as suggested by the community, everybody who burned will receive 1 ticket per burn, meaning that if you burned more, you will have a higher chance to win.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the current situation (Sun, 3pm UTC): 305 sharks left to burn, 2 ICONs still unminted (Ironman and Psycho Beasts), 2 Customs traits still unminted.  Congrats to @GmanNFT who minted Aquaman ICON (my fav btw) and @Genesis2021 who minted World of V ICON and 1 Custom trait.

To celebrate the 1,000 burned sharks we raffled 1 custom and winner was @MVA|Al007… congrats! Can’t wait what you and @Genesis2021 will come up with! PS: there’s still a twitter giveaway running until 11 pm UTC… https://twitter.com/sharkgang_nft/status/1624077796619288578?s=46&t=rbFP9VvjkJzxKQTMii0bMg  join and you might have a chance to win 1 Shark!

Some have asked me what will come after burn regarding the re-rank. Once burn is over, we will correct some errors on some new sharks that were reported by some holders (to be precise, these errors have nothing to do with the image itself, but with the correct listing of traits per each shark; so – since somebody asked me – your shark won’t change but might have a higher or lower rank once its fixed). Also, we will need to burn the remaining sharks for good and then re-rank; this will happen before the final re-rank to make it final and precise once and for all. You’ll receive updated step by step once we start doing it.

I know I said it a hundred times, but I feel like I need to put this here as well lol: I know a lot of you have been having problems re-staking the new shark… WoV team has been contacted multiple times and they reassured us that they are periodically syncing the new shark so soon you’ll be able to stake them again!

I’m not going to post here all of the features NFTs sneak peaks we posted this week cause it’s a lot lol but I suggest you start to check them out so you guys are ready when it’s time to pair for airdrop!

That’s it for this week, definitely the best week we’ve had in a loooong time. Let’s see if next week will be even better.

Much love, Ariel 💖

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