Jan 30th – Feb 5th weekly recap

What’s up sharkies?

Let’s recap the week Jan 30th – Feb 5th  

The week started great with a new airdrop: Poker Shark – Ace of Clubs https://worldofv.art/token/0x5E6265680087520DC022d75f4C45F9CCD712BA97/477600500200000

As you know, everybody who plays poker with the sharks during the league will receive one edition of the Poker Shark – a special collection created by the team in honor of the league.

Our dear Craster was feeling generous and did a giveaway. Congrats @Vivek! We’ll try to do more every other week! 

Wednesday was guessing game and to make it more fun I teamed up with Lady Fanny from BFFC; theme was “how much do you know women?”. Can’t even tell you how much fun it was lol Congrats to @VeCorgi who won 1 Alpha by BFFC as first place and @Polpolina who won 1 Shark as second place.  Here you go one of the highlights from our dear @Genesis2021 😂

From Thursday we have been starting to post sneak peeks of the Features NFT. Everybody who will burn 3 sharks, will automatically get 3 Features NFT that will be used to create matches with the sharks you own in order to get 1 NFT from the future collection once it’s out. Here’s a recap of the sneak peeks we posted this week:

During mint we announced that all the minted ICONS will have an animation as well. We are finishing the last ones so real soon the 8 ICONS holders will receive a surprise! 

Saturday is poker day. Shoutout to the one and only @psychobillyforlife for donating a MadBears as first prize of Shark Poker #3… sharks love you!

Here is the list of top 10 players of this week:  

  • Pez1988: 10 points 
  • MvA Casper: 9 points 
  • WhiteWiz777: 8 points 
  • D3ath_Sp4wn_8x: 7 points 
  • Est: 6 points 
  • iKemanAV: 5 points 
  • Illbeadonkey: 4 points 
  • Craster: 3 points 
  • Whitegooner: 2 points 
  • El Loco: 1 point 

Also, you guys asked a current leader board of the league, so here you go:  

  • Est: 19 points 
  • Pokeyforlife: 18 points 
  • Whitegooner: 17 points 
  • MvA Casper: 17 points 
  • Pez: 16 points 
  • iKemanAV: 15 points 
  • Simoskate94: 13 points 
  • D3ath_Sp4wn_8x: 11 points 
  • Craster: 9 points 
  • ViiNrOcK: 7 points 
  • Illbeadonkey: 6 points 
  • Cryptomaniac: 4 points 
  • El loco: 3 points 
  • Kiroshi_0ptics: 1 point 
  • Potter: 1 point 

For the last poker match, the original date was supposed to be the Wed, 8th before the burn; however, some have suggested to run it on a Sunday to get more people to play.

So, I’ll open up a poll in #poker channel that will end tomorrow evening to ask you guys what day you prefer. 

Recap is done for this week, now onto a new exciting one: BURN WEEK! 🔥

Much love, Ariel 💖

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