Mar 13th – 19th weekly recap

What’s up sharkies?

Let’s recap the week Mar 13th – 19th!

Before I start, if you’re on your laptop, run to the homepage and take a look at the new website update! COOL AF, right?
One of the goals set before the end of next quarter of the year is to renew sharks’ website. We’re working on it, adding something new every other week.

This week was all about the ICON Animations mint!
As you all know, the Alpha collection includes 12 ICONs, which are the rarest and unique pieces of the collection. During the first twitter spaces I joined, I remember getting asked as a joke if we could make our shark move… so we did try to surprise you by creating some animations to promote the mint. Everybody loved it to the point that we took it seriously: during mint we promised animations for the ICONs minted during the event. Took us a while and when burning event took place, we included the four remaining ICONs to the animations list.
On Tuesday, we created the collection, we minted it on World of V and we sent those to the rightful owners.
Personally, one of the proudest moment I’ve had so far since I joined VeFam. We delivered something uncommon, combined with great quality… seeing the community proud of being sharks holders made me really happy.
This is just the beginning guys! We have great stuff planned for the future.

Quick announcement regarding the airdrop channel: last week I asked your opinion on the whole airdrop thing and a lot of you have suggested to keep the channel open as long as possible, so you can create new matches over time. I hear you guys! Channel will stay open but please keep the matches you submitted in the ticket in your wallet or I can’t make it valid (if I can’t see the item, I can’t approve the ticket). Keep matching!


It’s clear the reef loves poker: double tournaments this week. On Monday I gave out lots of features to the top 5 – I lurked into the winners portfolio and tried to send matching features so they could add more mathes to their airdrop tickets! Prizes for today tournament are all shark-themed, so make sure to join and win!

Another week, another custom delivered: Thanos aka Shark Lord. Congrats @MVA|Al007 🎉

When I joined World of V weekly hangout on Tuesday I might have spilled something about future programs (phygitals maybe? 👀)… we’re working a lot behind the scenes, you have no idea. But for now, I can’t say a lot except that we’ll have our monthly auction next week Tuesday! Only thing I can say is we took inspiration from the International day of Poetry, which is precisely celebrated on March 21th. Everybody that will place an offer will get a multiple edition… who wins it will get the unique piece (which btw we haven’t revealed yet lol we want it to be a suprise)
If you wanna know what’s planned for Q2, stay tuned for the roadmap update at the end of the month!!!😎

That’s it for this week. See you guys at the poker table tonight!

Much love, Ariel 💖

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