Mar 6th – 12th weekly recap

What’s up sharkies?

Let’s recap (quickly this time) the week Mar 6th – 12th!

This recap is going to be shorter than usual as it was a busy week for us, working a lot behind the scene to approve the hundreds of ticket received for the free airdrop and the animation mint.

As far as now, I have approved 393 valid matches, which means 131 free NFTs secured. I kindly ask you guys to join the survey/poll I just posted on the ticket channel, so I can understand how far we’ve come with the event. Also, if it will result in “give me more time, I’ll submit more” I’ll open another poll to ask your opinion on how long I should keep the channel open. I’m really excited to see you guys trading, selling and buying to submit those tickets! Shoutout to our whale @pez1988 who submitted 126 (yeah, you heard right lol) matches!

Also, thanks to a holder report, we had found out that a couple of multiple editions weren’t sent due to a problem with the airdrop tool that, in fact, didn’t allowed us to resend them when we re-tried. Long story short, we sent it manually; so, some of you might find one extra edition recently airdropped because of this.

Technical announcement: updated meta are now live! 🤓


We played poker this week and gave out 1 full match: Shark & features. Congrats to the winner @Noice 👏

Our artist delivered @BBFP’s custom: All father Shark! Another marvel character is in the making for @Al007… what will it be?

What to expect from next week? ICON animation mint is the main event of next week for sure!! Check out the last one revealed in collaboration with the Psycho Beasts fam 🤍. And spoiler: be on the lookout for next weekend crosschain collabs 👀

That’s it for this week, my lovely sharks.

Much love, Ariel 💖

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