Q2 2023 Recap

My dear Sharks,

These past three months have been eventful… we are glad we chose to update the roadmap every three months, so we can keep track of what we have achieved and what has been postponed.

So, let’s recap Q2 together! 🦈

Ever since we started building our vault, we noticed the community was oriented towards VeSea projects and many of you asked us to considerate VeSea staking. We worked hard to obtain it and when we finally did, VeSea storm broke out; however, the team announced the staking will be guaranteed anyways, although the value of the token has decreased. Sharks will generate passive income until August; after that, we will choose what’s best for the project together (as usual).

We were supposed to mint our Phygitals by the end of June; however, it took us way longer than expected as it’s something completely new and there’s no manual on how to do it. We are experimenting materials, techniques, manual art, Phygital technology itself is something new to us… don’t get us wrong, it has been super fun but there are a lot of challenges and we don’t want to put out on the market something that we aren’t sure of. So, we decided to move Phygitals mint to Q3 2023. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer and closer to the final result!

Although it was highly requested right after the burning event, we noticed that the community was less active in these past three months (even auctions weren’t super crowded), and that’s why we didn’t feel it was the right time to sell customs – which take a lot of work and time as they usually turn into ICONS. Our desire to offer this opportunity to our community is still here, so we will try again in the next couple of months.

We did some tests on T-shirt and also managed a raffle to giveaway a piece (shipping included) but no one seemed interested. We are still a small community so we get it. Offering new ideas on our hand is always cool, but we must listen to what you guys really want. So this goal wasn’t achieved and probably we won’t even include it in this year roadmap but who knows if we will in the future!

5) WEBSITE 2.0 💻
Our goal was to improve our site, implementing new features. We added a banging homepage – linked to the markeplace, a section dedicated to our ICONS, a section for announcements (together with the recaps that will now be monthly rather than weekly as the community wasn’t really active for games), and a section were you can find our social medias. We would love to open a Youtube channel in which we can post out behind the scenes video to show people how we create stuff from scratch.

Even though these past few months have been extremely challenging for us and many of you asked us if we were planning on minting the Rury collection elsewhere, we announced that everything regarding the collection is going as planned: this means that Rury collection will mint on VeChain, whenever the market conditions get better. As we mentioned before, ever since we minted, we have been affected by bear market… we stayed and kept going but minting in these conditions will be nonsense for us. So we will show you our progress through sneak peeks every time we add a new category or a new traits, as we did with the first collection. Keep your eyes on us!

We will soon post the new roadmap regarding the next three months. Spoiler: we are planning to add a new utility! 👀

As always thank you for sticking with us and our DMs are always open for suggestions or doubts.

Much love,

Ariel 💖

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